Siri vs. Google Now : 21 Questions For iPhone 5 And Jelly Bean 4.1

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Article: In this video, I compare Siri on the Apple iPhone 5 with iOS6 to G…

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25 Responses to “Siri vs. Google Now : 21 Questions For iPhone 5 And Jelly Bean 4.1”
  1. Kelvin Wong says:

    owning an iphone can use siri as well as googel now. haha. owning an
    android can only use google now. that is the advantage of owning an iphone.

  2. Mr.Wavy24 says:

    Ima just say my opinion, and I’m not gunna say whether I have an iPhone or
    android cuz y’all gunna pull some dumb shit callin me those corny as names.
    The reason why Google is fast is because it’s already in the web search,
    but Siri isn’t because she does more stuff that’s outside of the web and
    has more to do with your phone. So of coarse Google is going to be fast
    with web searches. But I’m just sayin, I’ve used both and I prefer Siri
    because she’s better with the little things and simple questions like when
    he asked the question about Kobe and Lebron, with Siri, most of the time
    you’ll get the direct answer, with google it will just search it on the web

  3. bizarremax132 says:

    Google Now creamed Siri but Siri did give some better info then google now

  4. Quetzalcoalt says:

    And this video is uploaded 2012 and people still put stupid comments =/ ,
    we are 2014 guys , They have added a lote more stuff in the past 2 years.

  5. ZesPak says:

    For those who weren’t counting:
    Google Now – Siri
    15 – 6

    That said, Siri on my 4S hasn’t improved that much in the last two years,
    while Google Now has even come leaps and bounds since this video.

  6. AlveolarNasal says:

    Siri isn’t very smart until we yell “fuck you”.

  7. Chris Holt says:

    The trick with the LeBron James vs Kobe Bryant question is to take
    advantage of Google’s contextual search you first ask ” how tall is LeBron
    James?” then tap the voice button again and simply ask “and Kobe Bryant?”
    It is a shame the Google now doesn’t recognize these type of comparison
    questions but the contextual search can be much, much more powerful when
    researching a topic using voice search.

  8. Rhys Doherty says:

    That is not the galaxy s3 that is the nexus 4

  9. Mihail Malostanidis says:

    The restaurants didn’t match between devices almost at all. Which one gives
    better matches?

  10. Ivan Raszl says:

    What’s better, #Apple #iPhone ‘s #Siri or #Android ‘s #googlenow
    virtual assistant? Google Now is always faster. In most cases Siri gives a
    more intelligent result. In other cases Google Now gives a better result.
    Both are very impressive and I can just imagine the amazing intelligence
    they will be able to demonstrate in a few years. #artificialintelligence

  11. Roberto Moledo says:

    *iPhone’s Siri vs Google Now*

    Start Fight!

  12. Alex Takeaguess says:

    A little faster on Google Now? You mean Google Now shits on Siri’s face.
    iOS is a joke.

  13. PunjabRockstar15 says:

    Siri is still better

  14. Nat Deer says:

    iPhone is way better!!!

  15. Marc DrMarctagon Applewhite says:

    An interesting hands-on comparison of Siri vs. Google Now by asking each
    the same 21 questions and comparing the results

  16. Mike Ward says:

    Google Now Kicks siri’s sorry ass….awesome!!

  17. Shaun Nicholson says:

    Gotta say siri seems to be getting better, however Google now beats it IMO

  18. Karan Singh Bir says:

    Discovered new tricks to try on Google Now!

  19. Michael Tangeman says:

    AFAIK: English only… :o(

  20. Mark Cobb says:

    Interesting comparison between Apple’s Siri and Google Now Siri vs. Google
    Now : 21 Questions For iPhone 5 And Jelly Bean 4.1 In summary, Google Now
    is faster, but Siri is usually more detailed or accurate. 

  21. ismail miza says:

    damn dont compare the google now with that stupid Siri lol i feel bad for
    iphone users :p 

  22. Demaster Survine IV says:

    This is the matchup I’ve been curious about. Check it out!!!

  23. izzy oshea says:

    can i just say google now is just a way for you to search google quicker so
    don’t complain when it gives you search results.

  24. Adrian Chapmanlaw says:

    This is the matchup I’ve been curious about. Check it out!!!

  25. Hamish Corfield says:

    Google Now only lost any because the questions were angled against Google’s
    roots as a search engine. And people are still saying siri is better
    despite the fact it just got annihilated in a review bias towards it! I
    don’t want to live on this planet anymore.