Top 5 BEST iPad 3 & 2 Cases | Protectors | Covers | iPad 3rd & 2nd Gen.

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Top 5 BEST iPad 3 & 2 Cases | Protectors | Covers | iPad 3rd & 2nd Gen. I already did a lot of reviews on ipad 2 cases so heres my top 5 cases. Theres one ca…

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25 Responses to “Top 5 BEST iPad 3 & 2 Cases | Protectors | Covers | iPad 3rd & 2nd Gen.”
  1. SCGunFanatic says:

    You sound like mclovin from super bad…

  2. antellium says:

    Hey McLovin!

  3. Thomas Meiers says:

    Nice intro 😀 and a very nice video :D

  4. musicwarrior360 says:


  5. docdrew2000 says:

    Dont like them

  6. TAMSYNandKAITLYN says:

    I have the case with the keyboard and it’s awesome!!

  7. fawaz shaker says:

    my borthdays in 9 days and my gifts and iPad2 so i really wanted to know
    what cover to get and the covers also part of the gift so i really loved
    the melko case it looks verey nice and looks tuff so it wont get my iPad2
    broken so thanks for making this vid i hope i get a melko case thanks

  8. whopper2king says:


  9. musicwarrior360 says:

    What sing was that?

  10. Naseem Najme says:


  11. Soldier1287 says:

    Griffin Survivor? That’s like the top dog case

  12. Thomas Storgaard says:

    You’re right – it IS McLovin’! 😀

  13. nutrisystemdiscount says:

    great vid

  14. joshtimasprime says:

    your welcome

  15. JrProductionx Tech says:

    Thanks Josh

  16. Marc D'Mello says:

    I meant plus

  17. JrProductionx Tech says:

    What do you think of it??

  18. skyler805 says:

    great video im getting a ipad 2 dis friday

  19. ItsMylesX says:

    You sound like McLovin lol

  20. sinsagoodmansbrother says:

    Peace to you too…. Thanks for the great review… Very informative…

  21. ctguy1955 says:

    I like the otterbox defender for protection.

  22. Andreas Coolguy says:

    I have nr.2 😀

  23. Teja Ramapuram says:

    I have the marware!!

  24. TheOutdoors29 says:

    I love number #4 and #1