Typical Iphone 4 Accessories Working with Iphone 4

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Typical Iphone 4 Accessories Working with Iphone 4

Apple recently announced that the iPhone 4 is its hottest iPhone to date, selling faster than any other iteration of the phone. However, one AT&T customer recently discovered just how hot the phone really is when he burnt his hand on the bezel. Boy Genius Report sites an AT&T insider who provided the following images along with a story of a user whose iPhone 4 caught fire. The incident appears to be either a problem with the USB port the device was plugged into, or the iPhone 4’s dock connector port (an Apple Store confirmed that it was a result of “a defective USB port and not some sort of user error”). Judging from how melted the iPhone-end of the iPhone 4 Cable
is, it looks as though the port on the phone was the problem.
We’ve been talking about iphone 4 questions. But among the most common questions have been ones about whether or not accessories including iphone 4 cable that work with previous iPhone—or iPod—models will work with Apple’s latest phone. Given that new iPhone and iPod models have, in the past, included circuitry changes that that rendered existing iPhone 4 Accessories
obsolete, as well as the fact that the iPhone 4’s physical design is very different from that of its predecessors, these are valid concerns. As we do with every new iPhone, iPod, and iPad, here’s a quick rundown of which accessories work—and which don’t.
Cases: As should be obvious, given the completely new design of the iPhone 4,  Apple iPhone 4 Cases
for existing iPhones won’t fit—compared to the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4 is thinner in the middle, less-rounded at the edges, and narrower overall. However, I mention cases here for the same reason I mentioned them when I talked about the ipad and accessory compatability: Some vendors started producing iPhone 4 cases before the phone was actually released, and based on some of the early case samples we’ve seen, not every early case is as usable as it could be. Most of the early samples we’ve seen fit the iPhone 4’s dimensions, but on some, the phone’s buttons and switches are difficult to operate, and on others, the case doesn’t provide a large-enough opening for the camera(s) and flash. When buying a case for your new iPhone, I recommend trying the case first—or at least buying from a store with a good return policy.
The other limitations relate to copy protection and video-output resolution. When using the iPad Dock Connector To VGA Adapter, video output from the iPhone 4 is 1024 by 768 pixels with a 720p scan rate. However, because VGA doesn’t support High-bandwidth digital content protection( HDCP), you can’t watch iTunes-purchased HD videos using the VGA Adapter. The alternative is to either sync the non-HD versions of movies (using the option in iTunes to do so) to your iPhone, or use Apple’s Composite or Component AV Cable. However, even the latter option is crippled, as HD videos are reduced to 480i (for the Composite cable) or 480p (for the Component cable) when output to a TV. As Jason Snell noted in our iphone 4 review.

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