What’s on my iPad and iPad Case Collection 2013

August 3, 2014 by  
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Thanks for watching! Updated Version: http://youtu.be/6UiSFmBhySo Shop my Etsy: etsy.com/shop/msashley98765 Tobi: https://www.tobi.com/i/MTI1ODA0Ng==%0A Inst…

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25 Responses to “What’s on my iPad and iPad Case Collection 2013”
  1. MsAshley98765 says:

    +LabibaVlogs thanks so much! 

  2. Ruth McDermott says:

    not trying to be a bitch but I don’t have wifi at all

  3. Karen Jara says:


  4. AGPassport says:

    what is ootd? What does the app do?

  5. suey turk says:

    subway surfer is an addicting game

  6. Kaidi Licon says:

    Where did you get the case on your ipad? 

  7. I happentolikefood says:

    If you don’t mind me asking where did you get that transfer thing for your

  8. Zainab Ishrat says:

    I love your pink case 

  9. Jasmine Mary Putt says:

    Where did u get ur smart case ???

  10. DpwCreative says:

    With the SD card cable, can you transfer files from the ipad to the SD
    card, and from the SD card to the ipad? I was thinking about getting
    one. As for games, try PBA bowling challenge. It’s the best bowling game on
    the ipad (you can even play online). And candy move (it’s like candy
    crush). Both those games are free.

  11. BeautyGirls464 says:

    Temple run,white tiles,and 2048

  12. Alexa Fauchon says:

    No offence but you talk way to fast

  13. Rubi G says:

    Have you played dumb ways to die lol really fun

  14. Taylor Wells says:

    M getting an iPad mini black and the same case

  15. Ava Olsen says:

    Geometry dash

  16. phan tran says:

    mega run

  17. Rhiannon'sAdventures says:

    Pou is really awesome 

  18. Beautyandfashion1314 says:

    Hi where did you get that USB lead from the thing you put your sad card
    into then put into your computer where do you get that from ?xx

  19. Sky Johnson says:

    That’s not the real smart cases

  20. Kaylee LaBella says:

    My singing monsters! its sooo fun!!

  21. mtnphamous says:


  22. Hey Julz says:

    The game ‘dots’ is really fun (:

  23. Corin McClurg says:

    Minion run and doodle buddy and candy crush there fun

  24. Rahjae Harvey says:

    subway surfers

  25. chad antonio says:

    2:33 oh gosh her eye